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01. Adio Querida (4:03)
02. Madre Mia Si Mi Muero (4:42)
03. ¿Ken Es Esto? (3:32)
04. Una Pastora (4:40)
05. Nani, Nani (4:09)
06. Como La Rosa En La Guerta (4:00)
07. L’Amor (3:23)
08. La Torre intro (0:15)
09. La Torre (4:43)
10. Yo Hanino, Tu Hanina (5:14)
11. Mitil Elwerdeti Fil Hadiqati (4:00)

Audrey Aviva Babcock: vocals
Harel Shachal: G (Turkish) clarinet,
ney, saxophone
Dan Nadel: flamenco guitar
Satoshi Takeishi: drums &
Victor Prieto: accordion
Annaliesa Place: violin
Melissa Reardon: viola
Karlos Rodriguez: cello
David Majzlin: bass, programming,
rhodes, additional guitars

Mixed by David Majzlin
Mastered by Emily Lazar

Victoria Tzykun

Emanuela Romano

Wallace Collins, Esq.
Starr & Keller, CPAs

Songs For Carmen is inspired by George Bizet’s internationally acclaimed opera, Carmen. Many scholars believe the tale of this famous Gypsy was derived from the legend of the Petenera, a Jewish temptress who, because of her seductive power, was reported to be the “damnation of men.” These and other folklore have their origins in southern Spain at a time when the cultural and artistic alliances of Jewish and Muslim communities flourished. The language on this album is Ladino — an ancient form of Spanish spoken by the Jews of the region and nearly decimated after the expulsion of the Jews and Muslims in 1492. No Jews or Muslims were harmed in the making of this album.

Aviva also performs around the world with multi-faceted New York guitarist, Dan Nadel. Known as Aviva and Dan, their signature shows, Beyond Carmen and Hot Songs for Cold Nights, are filled with passionate music and steeped in Spanish and Mediterranean influence. Their repertoire spans time and styles -- medieval to modern, classical to flamenco.  They explore new arrangements of music from Brazil, Spain, Israel, Argentina and France, as well as the melancholic romances of the Sephardim.

Audrey Aviva Babcock: vocals
Dan Nadel: flamenco guitar